Whisper Wash Maxima (DELUXE)

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Whisper Wash Maxima (DELUXE)



(DELUXE EDITION) Our Maxima is setup with 3/8" hose instead of 1/4" hose. The bar is a 4 nozzle bar that has two inside nozzle ports plugged with thread pipe plugs. Therefore, it functions the same as a 2 nozzle bar. The bar comes with 25025 nozzles installed. If you want to run 4 nozzles, remove the pipe plugs and install the 4 correct orifice size nozzles into the bar.

Customer is responsible for selecting the correct nozzles based on their pressure washer.  

Assembly Required

The Whisper Wash Maxima's 36" diameter aluminum cover provides maximum surface coverage. The four pivoting wheels allow the operator to easily guide the cleaner while the heavy duty nylon brush ensures that the high pressure spray is confined to the surface cleaning area and not the operator. Built tough, with our signature Professional Rotary Spray System, this heavy duty flat surface cleaner is perfect for large surface areas. Save time and money by putting the Maxima 36 to work for you.

  • Diameter: 36"
  • PSI: 2,000 - 4,000
  • GPM: 4 - 10
  • TEMPERATURE: Up to 212
  • DIMENSIONS: 36" Diameter
  • WEIGHT: 37 Lbs