Down Stream Nozzle Kit

Down Stream Nozzle Kit




These kits include 4 nozzles and a J-Rod 4 way holder (Part #6540, 1/4" inlet plugs). (2) 0° soap & rinse high, and (2) 25° soap & rinse low.

The 2-3 GPM kit includes: 0030(soap high), 0010(rinse high), 2530(soap low), 2510(rinse low)

The 4 GPM kit includes: 0040(soap high), 0010(rinse high) ,2540(soap low), 2510(rinse low)

The 5-6 GPM kit includes: 0040(soap high), 0015(rinse high), 2540(soap low), 2515(rinse low)

The 7-8 GPM kit includes: 0060(soap high), 0020(rinse high), 2560(soap low), 2520(rinse low)

Assembly Required
***Warning, these may not fit into the coupler of a pressure washer purchased from a big box store as some of these manufacturers do not use industry standard quick connects*** 


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