FatBoy Bandit

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FatBoy Bandit



The Bandit is a soft wash application system. It can be used to apply your chemical mix on any surface including siding and roofs.


Hose Reel - Rotation Concepts 12" U-Channel Frame Aluminum Hose Reel w/ Stainless Manifold - Bleach Rated

Drop stick - Our Bandit Drop Stick Assembly is a simple way to pull from any chemical container without complicated ball valve setups. It has a check valve at the end of it to prevent air from getting in the line when transferring the drop stick into different solutions. The drop stick is 40" long, so it will easily reach the bottom of your tank or a 55 gallon drum. By keeping the inlet simple, you can eliminate almost all of the inlet air leak issues.

Accumulator tank - The Remco accumulator tank will let you restrict the flow of the pump, limiting the damage caused to the relay by excessive cycling.

How does it work? When the pump starts, liquid enters the reservoir compressing the bladder until the maximum pressure for the pressure switch is reached, then the pump shuts off. When liquid is demanded, pressure in the air chamber forces liquid into the system. The pump stays off until the minimum pressure is reached on the switch.

Wand assembly - The Poly Gun Assembly consists of a poly trigger gun with a stainless spring and ball, along with an 18" poly wand pipe that has a 45 degree elbow, reducer bushing, and a 1/4" stainless coupler.

Pump - The pump is a Fat Boy 7 GPM @ 85 PSI. It is mounted in our Pump In The Box upgrade. The wiring is done for a simple hook up to your group 24 size deep cycle battery (Not Included). There is an additional battery box provided for your battery to fit onto the Fatboy Bandit.

Frame - The frame is corrosion resistant, 304 Stainless Steel, fully welded. 

3 Way transfer / priming valve - **DO NOT TURN BALL VALVE HANDLE WHILE UNIT IS UNDER PRESSURE** On the outlet side of the pump we have a 3 way, chemical resistant, poly ball valve. It lets you transfer undiluted chemical into your mix tank without running through the 200' of hose on the reel.

The ball valve can also be used to prime the pump. When your tank runs out of solution, air can be pulled into the pump head. This leads to a situation where you have solution in the hose and the air cannot escape. The 3 way ball valve lets you discharge the air pocket, which will regain the prime.

Hose - Kuri Tec K4131 series agricultural hose is a 1/2" id x 200' hose that is chemical and abrasion resistant, and looks as good as it is tough, though it remains flexible. It is rated up to 600 psi and has stainless steel swaged ends, so there is no worry of an end coming loose.

Fittings - All fittings used on the Bandit are either poly or stainless steel. We do not use any nylon or brass, as they are not suitable for chlorine in a concentration higher than 1% strength.

Nozzle pack - The stainless steel nozzle holder comes with 4 stainless steel nozzles. The nozzles are a #40 orifice in patterns of 0, 15, 25, 40 degree. The zero degree nozzle will give you the longest shot distance of approximately 40'. As the pattern gets wider, the shot distance decreases accordingly.

Warranty -
5 year: Frame (Original Configuration)
1 year: Accumulator and Reel
6 months: Pump and Hose
Remaining items 30 days

Assembly - The Fatboy Bandit comes completely assembled and pre tested.

You Supply - The only items you need to supply are the tank, a group 24 size deep cycle battery, and a charger.

  • 120 LB'S
  • Dimensions- 32"W X 38"H X 16"D
  • Battery not included
  • Tank sold separately