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Why we don’t take orders by phone

We have had a few customers indicate a preference for placing orders over the phone. While we understand why some prefer ordering this way, we serve our customers best by only accepting online orders. This method keeps prices competitive, reduces loss, allows for faster order fulfillment, and eliminates fraud.

1. It ensures competitive pricing. We have a small staff which eliminates unnecessary overhead and labor costs associated with a phone order system and operators.

2. Online ordering ensures accuracy and eliminates losses due to miscommunication.
a. By ordering online you have an electronic record of what was ordered should a discrepancy arise.
b. By ordering online you eliminate guess work. With detailed online pictures, item descriptions and uniform part numbers you can eliminate differences in terminology and avoid miscommunication resulting from bad cell phone reception, equipment noise, or weather conditions.

3. Online ordering is faster. The average time from placing your order during business hours to processing and sending you tracking information is less than 90 seconds. This ensures over 95% of all orders placed online will ship the same day.

4. Online ordering helps us track inventory more effectively. This means we can identify inventory needs faster to ensure our stock is replenished in a timely manner which in turn allows us to ship orders more quickly.

We are always happy to answer product questions or issues by phone but given that we are an online merchant we place a greater emphasis on questions or issues asked online. You will get a faster and more detailed response using the Rapid Response Forms than by leaving a voice mail.

We are a supplier for professional contract cleaners only. We do not sell to home owners.

All orders must be placed online.

We do not have a store front for walk in customers.





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