Remco Wire Harness 12 AWG

SKU: 901-013-R
Remco Wire Harness 12 AWG


Remco wire harness kits are the Professional Grade choice. The 901-013 utilizes industry leading 12 AWG wire perfect for handling the high amperage of larger flow pumps. This sprayer wiring harness comes equipped with a 50 Amp on/off switch and 40 Amp battery clips for easy attachment to your power source. It is 90" in length for maximum distance and has 2 heat shrink butt connectors, adaptable to any 12 volt sprayer pump. The red and black bonded 12 AWG wire is heavily insulated copper able to carry maximum amperage. This Remco wire harness is best paired with larger 12 VDC pumps such as our Fatboy or 5800 Series. Also compatible with all other brands.
  • Recommended for use with Higher flow pumps like the Fatboy or other 7.0GPM pumps
  • Includes 40 Amp Battery Clips and is 90" in length
  • Utilizes 12 AWG wire for handling higher amperages and longer duty cycles
  • Equipped with heavy duty 50 Amp on/off switch
  • 14-12 AWG heat shrink butt connector included
  • Red and Black bonded wires


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