Remco Accumulator Tank Kit

Remco Accumulator Tank Kit


We now carry accumulators made by Remco in place of the Flo Jet brand. We feel that these are a better unit because of the bladder stem mount and the threaded connection instead of the quick connects. They install and work the exact same way. You install them in the outlet hose of any diaphragm pump with a pressure switch. They let you restrict the flow of the pump without damaging the pressure switch or relay by excessive cycling. 

How does it work?
When the pump starts, liquid enters the reservoir compressing the bladder until the maximum pressure for the pressure switch is reached then the pump shuts off. When water is demanded, pressure in the air chamber forces liquid into the system. Pump stays off until the minimum pressure is reached on the switch. Then pump turns on, reducing cycling leading to longer switch and pump life.

Some Assembly Required


  • Internal Bladder
  • Smoother and More Even Flow
  • Quieter Water System
  • Better Temperature Control
  • Longer Pump Life
  • Lower Battery Drain
  • Simply Fitted to New or Existing Systems
  • Compact Size


  • Remco Accumulator Tank
  • 1/2" x 3/8" Reducer Nipples (Installed)
        (2) RM3812P
  • 1/2" Port Kit
        (2) EL1212FP 
        (2) AF1212P
  • 5/8" Port Kit
        (2) A1258P
        (2) EL1258P
        (2) FTC12P


  • Tank: Hygienic, Light, Compact
  • Impact and Pressure Resistant
  • Plastic Construction
  • Capacity: 820 ml
  • Max. Operating
  • Pressure: Up to 125 psi
  • Pre-Charge Pressure: 20 psi
  • Air Valve: Standard Tire Valve
  • Weight: 1 Lbs
  • Dimensions: W: 5 1/4", H: 9", D: 4 1/4"




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