Stainless Steel Quick Connect Pressure Gauge

SKU: 5744V
Stainless Steel Quick Connect Pressure Gauge


MTM Hydro's Premium 5,000 PSI Pressure Gauge is now paired with the Stainless top-mount Gauge fitting to effectively measure running pressure and catches spikes that occur when your gun trigger is released or engaged. Use your assembled gauge to measure baseline PSI and compare against baseline at later dates for accuracy. A primary fixed location is most commonly found immediately after the pump or on an unloader port to measure 'Pressure at the Pump' and catch pressure spikes. This location will also alert you of cavitation in pump that you may not hear or feel – The needle on the gauge will bounce and appear to be trembling. A second, temporary position is at the base of the spray gun for intermittent checking of pressure to ensure your nozzle does not need to be replaced. This will also catch pressure spikes and alert you of pressure changes over time as your nozzle enlarges due to wear.

  • 5,000 PSI gauge
  • 3/8” Stainless specialized QC fitting
  • 5,000 PSI max pressure
  • 212°F max temp rating



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