Whisper Wash Classic (DELUXE)

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Whisper Wash Classic (DELUXE)



(DELUXE VERSION) Our Classic is setup with 3/8" hose instead of 1/4" hose. The bar is a 4 nozzle bar that has two inside nozzle ports plugged with thread pipe plugs. Therefore, it functions the same as a 2 nozzle bar. The bar comes with 2502 nozzles installed. If you want to run 4 nozzles, remove the pipe plugs and install the 4 correct orifice size nozzles into the bar.

Customer is responsible for selecting the correct nozzles based on their pressure washer.  

Assembly Required

The Whisper Wash Classic surface cleaner pressure washing attachment from Whisper Wash is the leading flat surface cleaner of the industrial pressure washing industry. Displaying Whisper Wash's original dedication to quality, the Classic provides high quality components integrated with superior engineering design to provide an ergonomically, easy to use, flat surface cleaner only a quick disconnect away from your industrial pressure washer.

Collapsible at the mid-section and only 19lbs total weight, the Whisper Wash® Classic is easy to use and provides powerful industrial flat surface cleaning results. The Classic comes with Whisper Wash's signature balanced spray bar and twin thrust bearing swivel design. Capable of running off of a 2000 - 4000 psi pressure washer, the Classic's lightweight floating cover eliminates operator fatigue and increases safety.

  • Diameter: 19"
  • PSI: 2,000 - 4,000
  • GPM: 4 - 10
  • TEMPERATURE: Up to 212
  • DIMENSIONS: 77" x 19" x 12"
  • WEIGHT: 19 Lbs


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